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Welcome to the Lodge97 website.  It’s a work in progress so feel free to look around and see what’s offered here.   Please leave a comment if you find something that needs updating.

2016 Winter Banquet

Come spend the day in fellowship, training classes offered to help you and your chapter, plus fun games.  We’ll have a rain gutter regatta, bean bag toss, ladder golf, Lodge Jeopardy, and more.  Get your teams together for chapter vs chapter competitionss.  Our guest speaker is Hal Daub, member of the MAC board.  Registration is now live!  scoutingevent.com/326-LLD16

NOAC 2018

Just in!!  Mark your calendars – NOAC 2018 dates are July 30 through August 4 2018 at Indiana University.

2016 Vigil

captureWe held our Vigil Weekend at Camp Eagle on October 22-23rd under almost perfect weather. 11 of the 12 candidates completed their Vigil.  Wes Kruen gave an inspiring talk for the assembled members.

2017 Lodge Elections

Congratulations to the newly elected lodge officers who will take office at the Winter Banquet on Saturday, December 3!

Lodge Chief: Kendall E.
Vice Chief Administration: Michael W.
Vice Chief Program: Nick B. 
Vice Chief Service: Steve B.
Vice Chief Finance: Zach S.

Camp Wa-Kon-da Shelter

A focal point of the Lodge this year has been the OA Service Grant Project at Camp Wa-Kon-DA. We removed the old shelter, dug out new holes for the piers, had the holes inspected and approved, and poured the concrete.  Over a series of planned work days we then built the platform, erected the walls and rafters, added siding, trim, steps and the roof, and finally shingled the roof!  We’re happy to report that aside from some minor landscaping the new shelter is complete.

2017 Dues

Now collecting 2017 OA dues online.  Payment is easy!  Remember you are ‘on time’ if dues are paid prior to 1 March.  If you didn’t pay as part of your Unit Recharter you can take care of it on-line or download the payment form to give to Scouter Services.  >>Read More

Trading Post

Need a new sweatshirt for the colder weather coming?  You know those extra layers are helpful in the winter months.  Visit the Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Online Trading Post, for sweatshirts, T-shirts or a cap celebrating Order of the Arrow’s 100 years of service. Current Vigil Honor members and Vigil Honor candidates can select from three new items selected by the Vigil Honor Committee – a T-shirt, a wicking polo shirt, and a windbreaker, each embroidered with the Vigil Honor triangle and our Lodge name. Orders placed by Nov 24 will be available for pickup at the Lodge Trading Post while at the Winter Banquet, Dec 5. If you prefer, you may have items shipped directly to your home, but you will be charged for shipping.

Commemorative Lodge Flaps


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut lodge we’ve created this unique 3 piece flap set.  The 3 piece set costs $15.00 and is available for sale at the OA Trading Post.  Remember this is a limited edition set, we will not be ordering more.

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