The Lodge trading post has several patches worthy of collecting, including the commemorative ghosted Lodge flapLodge Flap, Rocker, CSP, the Three Totems Patch set (Lodge flap, rocker and Council shoulder patch) each set of three patches available for $15, the ArrowTour site patch available for $8, large_2015-01-15_18-32-28_centennial_patchthe OA Centennial patch available for $7, Cedars Patchthe Camp Cedars/OA Centennial patch for $4,  Fleece Blanketa Centennial polar fleece blanked with nylon straps, for $25, and a briefcase Briefcasewith the Centennial logo and our Lodge name embroidered on it for $25.  We’ll also have the OA Centennial T-shirt with our Lodge name embroidered on it available for $15.Centennial T-Shirt  Pictures of several of these are displayed below.

At checkout you’ll have the choice of having the items you order shipped to your home, but there will be some additional shipping costs.  You will also have the opportunity to have items shipped to the next OA Weekend in May, August or October, to Arrowtour at Camp Cedars on June 19, or to Winter Banquet.  Orders placed by April 24, can be picked up at the Spring OA Weekend, May 1-3 at Camp Cedars.   Thank you for supporting our Lodge with your Trading Post purchases.  Goto >> Lodge 97 Online Trading Post.