2016 Lodge Charter.LOM

The Lodge Officers Meeting (LOM) is when the elected Lodge Officers, Lodge Adviser, and Associate Advisers meet to help the Lodge Chief plan the for the upcoming Lodge Executive Meeting (LEC).  The LOM meets at least 5 times a year usually one month prior to the LEC.

2018 LOM Schedule

  • Feb 15, 7pm at the Durham Scout Center
  • Apr 10, 7pm (location TBA)
  • Jul 12, 7pm (location TBA
  • Sep 1 at Camp Eagle
  • Nov 14, 7pm at the Durham Scout Center


The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is comprised of the Lodge elected youth, the Lodge Committee Chairmen, and the Chapter Chiefs. Currently the LEC as a body meets 5 times a year.  The Lodge Associate Advisers, Chapter Advisers, as well as Lodge Committee Advisers also attend sessions of the LEC.

2018 LEC Schedule

  • Jan 9, 7pm at the Durham Scout Center
  • Mar 13, 7pm at the Durham Scout Center
  • May 12, 10am at the 2018 Spring OA Weekend @ Camp Cedars
  • August 11, 10 am at the 2018 Summer OA Weekend @ LSSR
  • October 9, 7:00pm at the Durham Scout Center

2018 Adult Adviser meetings

  • All Advisers; Feb 13, 7:00 PM at the Durham Scout Center
  • Chapter Advisers; May 12, 8:30 AM at Camp Cedars, Spring OA Weekend
  • Committee Advisers; May 12, 1 PM at Camp Cedars, Spring OA Weekend


The Lodge 97 Planbook is the guideline for the Lodge Operations.  Download the most current version of the Lodge 97 Planbook here -> Lodge 97 Planbook

The companion document to define the various committees is the Lodge 97 Committee Guidebook, download here -> Lodge 97 Committee Guidebook

Please contact the Lodge Adviser for more information.   97lodgeadviser@gmail.com