Wagon Wheel

Chapter Informationww_map_2

  • Chapter Chief:          Jacob R.
  • Vice Chief Admin      Sabastian A.
  • Vice Chief Program   Matt H.
  • Vice chief Treasury    Aaron E.

Chapter Adviser: Randy Riewaldt, ilovetheoutdoors@cox.net, 402-290-1330

Chapter meetings: Meets at 7PM First Tuesday of each month- at the Bellevue University Admin Services Building.  Do flags then go to the gym for fun.

Chapter Activities

Scheduling 2017 OA elections now!  Scoutmasters – To schedule your 2017 Elections please have your OA Troop Representative bring desired dates (Jan thru Mar) to a Chapter meeting.

Chapter Awards

Chapter Arrowman of the Year

  • 2011   Phil W
  • 2012   Drew H
  • 2013   James K
  • 2014   John K
  • 2015   Jacob B
  • 2016   Noah S
  • 2017    ??  Announced at the Winter Banquet