Silver Arrow Award

silver arrow1

A distinctive arrowhead that can be displayed on your lodge flap or where ever appropriate to show you are active as a Brotherhood member of the Lodge  Requirements for the award include;

  • Current registration with the BSA and Lodge.
  • Brotherhood for at least 6 months
  • Active in your unit for 6 months as a Brotherhood member
  • Attend at least 4 chapter meetings in the last year
  • Attend at least 1 Lodge or chapter function in the last year
  • Complete 6 days/nights of camping or a long term camp since earning Brotherhood.
  • Participate in a Camp Promotion since earning Brotherhood
  • Do one of the following:
    • Minumum of 4 hour Service Project
    • Attend NLS
    • Attend NOAC
    • Attend a Section Conclave

Download the Silver Arrow form and start tracking your completion.  >>SilverArrowheadAward

Silver Arrow Award Recipients

2011 – Rod Van Horn, Curt White, John Yates, Randy Yates, Michael Wiese, Jim Jourdon

2012 – John Abbott, Wes Agar, Mel Clark, Vince Cummings, Jr., Matt Cuva, Alex Deters, Drew Hazlip, Carol Huston, Terry Jordan, Edward Joyce, David Knights, James Knights, Rose Kronick, Ken Maddox, Jordan Parker, Tim Rollings, Noah Sundberg

2013 – Dylan Nicksich, Jeff Kluch, Kellen Kluch

2014 – Patrick Godfrey, Jax Schulke, Andrew Wiese, Rodney Wiese, Hunter Schulke, Matthew Summers, James E. Taylor, Joan B Wiese, Nick Blair, Noah Morocco, Tyler Hartman, Alex Ronfeldt, Kristine Ronfeldt

2015 – Norm Grenon, Jonathan Hawes, Richard Hawes, Luke Koch, David Knights, Jack Polomsky, Jacob Riewaldt, Randy Riewaldt

2016 – Charles Argo, Shawn Stiefel, Steven Varner, LuAnn Kluch, Vincent Cummings Sr., David Reicks

2017 – Tyler LaFleur, Vince Bugg, Cole Zimmerman, Nate Hartman, Nathan Wegner, Owen Koch, Tyler McCoid, Ralph Morocco,Byron Simmons, Sue Argo, Josh Royal, Randy Royal, Scott Eveland, Gregory Whitmore

2018 – Awarded at Winter Banquet – 12/1/2018

After completing the Silver Arrow, start working on the gold Arrow >> gold-arrowhead-award

Gold Arrow Award Recipients

2017 – Luke Koch, Steven Varner, Shaun Stiefel

2018 – Owen Koch, Gregory Whitmore, Tyler LaFleur, Vince Bugg