Chapter Arrowman of the Year

Award was created by the Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge #97 to recognize the Chapter’s outstanding young Arrowman – The Scout who is setting the example high above their peers building an enduring legacy to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow through cheerful service to others.

Nominations are made using the 2018 MAC OA Award Nomination Form and must be received in the council office prior to September 30th of the year of the Winter Banquet. Nominations will be submitted to the OA Lodge Awards Committee.


2011;  Michael Wiese – Goldenrod, Matthew Cuva – Lewis & Clark, Sam Johnson – Many Rivers, Dylan Nicksich – Soaring Eagle, Scott Brown – Trailblazer, Phil Wier – Wagon Wheel

2012;  Justin L. Novak – Golden Rod, Luke P. Johnson – Many Rivers, Matthew J. Summers – Soaring Eagle, – Trailblazer, Drew Hazelip – Wagon Wheel

2013;  Grant Sturek – Lewis & Clark, Kyle Mock – PLS, Johnathon Hawes – Soaring Eagle, Scott Brown – Trailblazer, James Knights – Wagon Wheel

2014;  Andrew G Wiese – Goldenrod, Luke Johnson – Petah La Shara, Alex Ronfeldt – Soaring Eagle, Dean Showers – Trailblazer, John Kalamaja – Wagon Wheel, Zack Rauth – War Eagle

2015 – Kendall Eveland – Goldenrod, Kyle Mock – Petah La Shara, Nick Blair – Soaring Eagle, Jason Lee – Trailblazer, Brian Mallia – Twin Lakes, Jacob Riewaldt – Wagon Wheel, Tyler LaFleur – War Eagle

2016 – DIAMOND DICK – Zachary P. Schenk, GOLDENROD – Hunter Schuzke, LEWIS & CLARK – Matthew Gaddie, OHW – Joseph Fields, PLS – Brian Mock, SOARING EAGLE – Noah Morocco, THUNDERCLOUD – Colin Lloyd Heronemus, TWIN LAKES – Dalton Faber, WAGON WHEEL – Noah Sundberg, WAR EAGLE – Cole Zimmerman

2017 – DIAMOND DICK – Johathan Worner, GOLDENROD – Steven Buer, OHW – Fidel Greer, PLS – Dane Pedersen, SOARING EAGLE – John Simmons, THUNDERCLOUD – Colin Heronemus,  WAGON WHEEL – Jacob Riewaldt, WAR EAGLE – Gregory Whitmore